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Akiko's Dolls

Victoria's Story Outtakes (November 2010)
Victoria: Widow Bride (November 2010)
Kestrel and Peregrine at the Stream (October 2010)
Kestrel and Peregrine at the Equinox (October 2010)
Demons at the Equinox (October 2010)
Dante at the Fells (August 2010)
Sapphira at the Fells (August 2010)
Steam Doll - Aurelie (July 2010)
Viola in the Woods (July 2010)
Sapphira's Arrival, Introducing Noelle (June 2010)
Aurelie in New Hampshire (May 2010)
Dante at the Pallisades (April 2010)
Quiet Moments (Kess, Pere) (April 2010)
Viola - Spring at the Pallisades (April 2010)
Dante MiniShoot (March 2010)
Dante's Talon Construction (March 2010)
Victoria in Victoria (March 2010)
Snow! Snow! Snow! (February 2010)
Victoria- Hint of Steam (January 2010)
Introducing Victoria (Nov/Dec 2009)
Alice in Dairyland (Oct 2009)
Hooves and Hoovelings (Beryl, Lirin, Sard, Sarin) (August 2009)
At the Lakehouse (Kess & Pere) (August 2009)
Beryl in Sard (June 2009)
Viola in the flowers (June 2009)
Kestrel (and Peregrine) (June 2009)
Viola - Flower Fairy in Spring (Apr 2009)
Gods and Demons (Mar 2009)
Twins in Spring (Mar 2009)
Fang in Spring (Mar 2009)
Girl's Day (Kestrel & Peregrine) (Mar 2009)
Viola - Original Look (Feb 2009)
Kestrel and Sasha (Feb 2009)
Beryl and Sard (Dec 2008)
Playing with Fire (Kestrel and Peregrine) (Dec 2008)
Puki & Pumpkin (Oct 2008)

Li's Dolls

Early Spring Yos and Pirates (2012 Mar-Apr)(Holden, Ophelia, Rin, Koji, Nage, Plum, Xen, and Gai)

Photoshoot 37: Random Shots from Autumn (2011 Sept-Dec)(everyone)

Photoshoot 36: June Tagsale (Plum, Lucien, Xen, Rin, Nori, Unagi!, Quu!, Suiko, Shoshi)(2011-06-04)

Photoshoot 35: MayFest (Kamui and Koji)(2011-05-28)

Photoshoot 34: May Showers (Introducing Kamui Fenrir and featuring Leaf)(2011-05-10)

Photoshoot 33: Leaf Buds (Introducing Leaf Merriweather)(2011-04-16)

Photoshoot 32: Winter Candids (Introducing Quu! and featuring Plum, Xen, Gai, Lucien, and Ophelia)(2011-01-22 ; 2011-03-12)

Photoshoot 31: The Big Arrival of Several Little Ones (Introducing the new Nage, Nori, and Akiko's new Sugar, and featuring Shoshi and Suiko)(2011-01-20)

Photoshoot 30: Holidays (The whole family) (2010-10-29, 2010-12-04-5)

Photoshoot 29: Arrival of the baby dragons (Introducing Shoshi and Suiko) (2010-11-19-23)

Photoshoot 28: Autumn at the Fells (Gai, Plum, Unagi, Fi) (2010-10-10)

Photoshoot 27: Mikael and his Cherub, Fi (Mikael, Fi) (2010-08-29)

Photoshoot 26: Rin at the Fells (Rin Shikibu) (2010-08-01)

Photoshoot 25: Rin's Arrival (Introducing Rin Shikibu) (2010-07-19)

Photoshoot 24: Kimono Cosplay (Plum, Xen) (2010-06-27)

Photoshoot 23: Plum at the Fells (Plum, featuring Gai) (2010-06-19)

Photoshoot 22: Ophelia at the Fells (Ophelia) (2010-06-19)

Photoshoot 21: Nage at the Fells (Nage) (2010-05-31)

Photoshoot 20: Memorial Day (Holden, Ophelia, Mikael, Lucien, Kaelen) (2010-05-30)

Photoshoot 19: Earth Day Celebration (or close enough) (Holden, Ophelia, Mikael, Unagi) (2010-05-24)

Photoshoot 18: Dress up in their New Home (Gai, Holden, Mikael, Plum, Xen) (2010-04-24)

Photoshoot 17: Mikael's Arrival (Introducing Mikael) (2010-04-16)

Photoshoot 16: Unagi! (Introducing Unagi!) (2010-03-12)

Photoshoot 15: Soomed, Hands, and a little dress up(Ophelia, Holden, Gai, and Plum) (2010-02-17 - 18; 03-26)

Photoshoot 14: Snow Play(Gai, Plum, Xen) (2010-02-10)

Photoshoot 13: Holden's Arrival (Introducing Holden) (2010-02-04)

Photoshoot 12: Ophelia's Arrival (Introducting Ophelia) (2010-01-11 to 02-01)

Photoshoot 11: Autumn (Xen, featuring Plum) (2009-10-21)

Photoshoot 10: An Autumn Day (Gai, Plum, Xen) (2009-10-10)

Photoshoot 9: Autumn Wedding (Gai, Plum, Xen, Nage) (2009-10-06)

Photoshoot 8: At the Point (Gai, Plum, Xen, Nage) (2009-08-11, 2009-09-24)

Photoshoot 7: On the Deck (Gai, Plum, Xen, Nage) (2009-06-11)

Photoshoot 6: Protigal Sons return (Xen, Nage) (2009-06-10)

Photoshoot 5: Asian Gardens (Gai, Plum) (2009-04-26)

Photoshoot 4: Continuing of the random dress up pics (Xen, Gai, Plum, Nage) (2009-04-10 to 27)

Photoshoot 3: The arrival of the Puki! (Xen, Gai, Plum, Nage) (2009-04-06)

Photoshoot 2: Playing dress up, the next few days (Gai, Plum, Xen) (2009-03-26 to 30)

Photoshoot 1: The arrival of the dolls (Gai, Plum, Xen) (2009-03-26)

Joint shoots

The Elementalists

Equinox - New Wigs
At the Fells
At Gay City


Fi, Fang, Unagi!
Mikael and Sapphira
Plum and Victoria
Ophelia and Aurelie

Xmas 2009-12-15 (Both Akiko and Li's Dolls)
Xmas Group Shots 2009-12-12 (Both Akiko and Li's Dolls)

Cape Cod (Both Akiko and Li's dolls)

First Encounter Beach (Kess, Pere, Plum) (2009-07-23)
** Kess & Pere only
** Plum only
Pilgrim Tower (Fang, Gai, Kess, Pere, Plum, Viola, Xen) (2009-07-22)
** Viola only
** Fang, Kess, Pere (Gai, Plum, Xen) only
** Gai, Plum, Xen, (Kess, Pere) only
Doanne Rock (Fang, Gai, Kess, Nage, Pere, Plum, Xen) (2009-07-23)
** Fang only
** Nage only
** Kess, Pere only
** Kess, Pere (Xen) only
** Gai, Plum, Xen only
** Gai, Plum, Xen (Kess & Pere) only

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