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Comiku Girls Panels

It would be our pleasure to run panels at your Convention. Below are the
Panels we currently offer, as well as a preview of panels to come. Feel free to
contact us for booking availability
Download our Panel PDF for our biography and a complete panel listing.

Cultural Panels

Japanese Tea Ceremony
Kimono & Yukata: aka How the heck do you keep them on?
Asian Brush Painting
Written Japanese
Introduction to Jrock
Obon Matsuri Dance
Poetry of Izumi Shikibu (New Panel!)
Translating Anime and Manga (New Panel!)
A Taste of Tea (New Panel!)

Historic Panels

A Brief History of Japan - The Early Years
A Brief History of Japan - The Later Years
Victorian Japan
The World of the Shining Prince
Women of Japan (New Panel!)
Ikkyu: Not the Emperer of Japan, Twice (History)

BJD Panels

Introduction to BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls)
BJD Maintainance Basics (New Panel!)
Advanced Topics in BJDs (New Panel!)
BJD Doll Meet

Artistic Panels

Artist's Critique Circle
Life Drawing for Anime Artists
Color Theory for Anime Artists

Costuming Panels

Cross Cultural Costuming
Costuming: From design to completion**
Beautiful Hair for Your Costume Look**
Killer Makeup**
How to Make Wings**
Corsetry 101
Worbla Armor 101 **

**Panels taught by Comiku Girl Janel

Panels Under Development

**These panels require at least two months advanced notice by conventions who want us to perform them so we can finish them!**

Beyond Godzilla, Monsters in Japan (Cultural)
Storytelling, Myth of Japan (Cultural)
So you want to be in Cosplay Events (Conventions)
Surviving Artist's Alley (Conventions)
Convention Ettiquite (Convensions)
Cosplay isn't Consent (Convensions)
Asian Influences in Star Wars (Geek)
The Natural World of Steampunk (Science)
Darwin, Wallace, and the Science of the Victorian Era (History)
Science and Art, a Marriage of Disciplines
Fan RPing: Communal Storytelling (Geek)
New England Whaling History: Using our local history to inspire Steampunk(History)