Meet The Artists

We are the Comiku Girls, Li Izumi, Akiko Meigetsu, and Janel Norris,
artists/otaku/japanese cultural panelists.

li izumi

age: 111. or maybe 30 something
blood type:
zodiac sign: Aquarious-Pisces
favorite food: chocalate
least favorite food: onions, seafood, anything spicy
special abilities: looks 10 years younger than actual age, incredible cataloguing skills
hobbies: geeking, reading, writing, drawing, playing rpg video games, anime, playing on my computer, LARPing, more geeking

Webpage: Deadpool Catalog on Tumblr

Dead Pool Catalog


Akiko Meigetsu

Age: 30 something
Blood Type: O+
Zodiac Sign: Libra-Scorpio
Favorite Food: Chocolate Brownies, Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Lentils
Special abilties: Pointed ears, the ability to bullshit about anime series she hasn't seen, and mad math skillz.
Hobbies: Webdesign, Drawing, Reading, Painting (Watercolors), Costuming

Webpage: Unmei no Uta


Janel Norris

Age: 33
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Favorite Food: Prime Rib
Least Favorite Food: No Fish no Fungus!
Special abilties: Stitch witchery
Hobbies: D&D, Sewing, Crafting, Video Games, Historical Costuming, Dance, Movies, Magic The Gathering

Webpage: Fairy Stitch Factory

Not the Comiku Girls

(People you often see at our table with us)

Teague Lyons (Not a Comiku Girl!)

Brendan Lyons Chain Mail Guy

Matt Norris Photographer

Sarah Hodge-Weatherby The Anime Librarian