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Artistic Panels

Artist's Critique Circle
Every artist wants to get better. This panel will give participants an opportunity to have their work critiqued by other artists. We will learn both how to ask for a critique and how to give a good critique to each other. It’s more than just saying what is wrong! You don’t have to be an artist to participate so long as you enjoy art. Panel participants are encouraged to bring work for critique.

Life Drawing for Anime Artists
Everyone says ‘draw from life’, but not everyone has access to life drawing classes. This panel gives anime artists the opportunity to draw from a live model as we discuss figure drawing techniques such as gesture drawings and sketching techniques. Participants should bring their own drawing materials.

Color Theory for Anime Artists
Why does everyone say skin tones ‘have a lot of blue in them’? Red and blue make purple… but did you know red and green can make brick red? More than just a color wheel, this panel will talk about how to use color to help define a focal point in a piece using contrast and tone and how to use colors to create harmony (or dissonance) in a piece. Special needs: Computer Projection

How to Draw – Chibi Style!**
We see it everywhere in manga and anime, from Fushigi Yuugi to Evangelian to Trigun to Dragon Half. In this panel we’ll talk about the different ways to do chibi (super-deformed) characters, including different proportion rules and what makes them so damn cute! Participants will try their hand at the style.
** Archived Panel Description