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Costuming Panels

Cross Cultural Costuming
Anime fans often portray characters who are part of Japanese culture, and who wear traditional costumes. This panel discusses some of the issues cosplayers should be sensitive to and pitfalls to avoid in portraying characters of a different culture or ethnicity.

Costuming: From design to completion*
This panel walks participants though the process of costume design, from initial concepts, through pattern making (and modifying!), mock-ups, sewing and construction, and the final touches.

Beautiful Hair for Your Costume Look*
Nothing is worse than a beautifully constructed costume, and not finishing the hair in the look. This panel talks about how to get your hair as awesome as your costume.

Killer Makeup*
Makeup is the final step to taking your amazing cosplay to the professional level. This panel talks about some of the tips and techniques for using make-up to finish your costume looks.

How to Make Wings*
Learn how to make free-form wire and resin wings. The panel includes step by step tutorials and a question answer time.

Corsetry 101
Corsets have been in use for centuries, and are still a major staple in costuming today. In this panel, we’ll talk about and show the steps to complete a corset, along with some tips and tricks to make the entire process easier.

Worbla Armor 101*
Learn to make your own worbla armor. Step by Step explanations and tutorials on how to make your own armor pieces out of this wonderful and easy to use thermo plastic.

*Panels run by Comiku Girl Janel of Fairy Stitch Factory