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Li and I just created a Weblog/WebJournal at Comiku.com. Although the longer posts will probably find their way here eventually, if you want the latest, or the short random observations, check there.

Short Stories

I serve as editor (and in some cases co-author) for Li's stories. See them at her page, Hunter's Gathering.

Akiko's Adventures in Online Personals

A few months ago, I got bored, and put up a profile at an online match site. Thinking back about how I stared on this adventure, the details of the beginning are a little fuzzy. Somehow I had landed on a personals site, and there were a few guys that sounded really interesting, and as I was reading, I found myself composing my own ad in my head. I work in a small, very inbred department, where we live, eat and work with the same group of people, and it is hard to meet anyone outside of the department. Add to this that two out of three housemates were dating at the time, and my best friend from high school was getting married... I had no real expectations but figured it could be fun, and for the most part, it was. Presented here are a couple essays (stories?) about my experiences.

  • The (funny) Responces & The Dates
  • The Penis Guy
  • The Pastor
  • The Finalle
  • Akiko Becomes a Puck Bunny (well, not really, but she IS a big hockey fan)

    The following series of Comiku Entries trace my fandom during the playoffs last season, where my boys, the Carolina Hurricanes made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. I was a fan before the playoffs last year, but the playoffs coincided nicely with my writing on Comiku... So hockey became a frequent topic. (Note, the stanley cup entries are very short, the others are longer and more personal.) I am not going to talk about the 2002-2003 season.

    Playoff Hockey - Round 1 Win
    Playoff Hockey - Round 2 (losses)
    Hockey Invades my Dreams
    In defense of my dream
    On the availability of Stanley Cup Tickets
    Stanley Cup Game One
    And then the Canes began to loose
    Hockey Withdrawl

    ***Writings copyright 2002 j.a.n. (Akiko Meigetsu)***