Sales and Commissions

Original Watercolors


Watercolor & Ink
matted to 11"x14"


matted to 11"x14"

Paintings will be shipped flat in carboard photomailer envelopes. Shipping via USPS first class $2.50 (per shipment!). Insurance is an additional $1.30.


See Sales on for prints available. Note, these are the prints that are premade. If you really love another image on my site, please email with the image name to see if I can make you a nice print of the image (in some cases, the high resolution copy has been lost so I can't make nice prints, but that is only for a few pieces - so ask!).


I do commissions (request work) depending on my schedule. I do have another life beyond art, and have teaching responsibilities and research I am supposed to be doing. Please understand if I am unable to complete a request. Please email for more information.

Below are approximate commission rates, which are given for reference only, and may be affected by the complexity of the piece. Shipping is included. Images are made on 9x12 inch Bristol Board, except for CG images, which will be printed on heavy paper backed glossy paper. Other sizes and media may be available, please ask. 11x14 images are available for additional cost of $15.

Full Size Characters

Pencil Sketch, 1-2 characters$10
Inked Pen Sketch, 1-2 characters$20
Colored Pencil, 1-2 characters$30
Computer Generated Image, 1-2 characters$30
Additional Characters$5 each
Detailed Background$10-20 extra

Chibi (Super-Deformed)

Pencil Sketch, 1-2 characters$5
Inked Pen Sketch, 1-2 characters$7
Colored Pencil, 1-2 characters$10
Computer Generated Image, 1-2 characters$10
Additional Characters$2 each

Before you email me, please note:

I am happy to draw fanart pieces, or drawings of your original characters. I am very good at drawing in the Rumiko Takahashi or Sailor Moon styles, and have done fanart pieces of Miyu, Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Half, Vampire D, Captain Harlock before.

I will not do hentai (porn) or gory/violent pictures (I don't have a problem with these art forms, but if you have looked at this page, you know that violent or hot and bothered isn't my strong suit. Please consider my style when making commission requests.). I will do tasteful nudity.

All reproductive rights to the final artwork remain with me (unless otherwise negotiated). I reserve the right to display, make prints of, and otherwise do stuff with the image. (I will not make prints of artwork of your original characters, but would like to display it on my webpage.)


1. Email me with your request ( Include requested media, size, and preferred background - these may affect the price. Be as specific as possible regarding character, and pose or setting if you have a specific one in mind. If you want me to draw your original character, I need as detailed a description as possible, including physical traits, costume and personality. The more details, the better the results you are likely to get. Anything you don't tell me, I will make up. So if you say, blond girl, I will choose whether her hair is long or short, and pick her costume etc.

2. I will email you with a final price, and give you a time frame for completion. I will draw up a series of VERY rough sketches for your approval.

3. When you approve of the sketches, I request that you send me half the cost, the remainder will be due before I mail the final image to you. The fee is non-refundable. When I receive this fee, I will work to finish the piece. When the final drawing is completed, I will email you with a low-resolution scan of the image for final approval. I must receive the balance of the payment before I ship the artwork.