Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Name: Akiko Meigetsu (j.a.n.)
Location: Eastern United States
Occupation: College Professor
Area of Study: Theoretical (Mathematical) Biology
Favorite Mediums: CG, Watercolors, Traditional Brush Painting
What do the Japanese names you use mean?
Akiko translates as "child of autumn" and Meigetsu means "Hunter's moon" which rises in October. Unmei no Uta means "Fate's Song" which I felt was appropriate for the way in which I draw. Usually, I just let the pencil go, and see who comes out instead of having a very clear picture in my head before I start.
Do you speak Japanese?
Nope. I use Li Izumi as my Japanese Dictionary. She came up with the name for this webpage, and even helped me name my fish, Niji (deceased) and Murasaki (deceased).
What is the purpose of this page?
I created this page to showcase my artwork and writings. What is the point in creating something if you don't share it?
How long have you been drawing?
I've always drawn. But I began keeping notebooks of figure and costume drawings in middle school (5th grade). My best friend at the time, Jay, always used to draw fashion models during math class, and so I started as well since I thought it was cool. I still have many of the drawings I considered "my best" back then. It is kind of scary now. Check out the evolution section of this page for an example of where I came from with my drawing. It will give anyone who thinks they cannot draw hope, and everyone else a laugh... Anyway, my style began to change in high school, just as part of getting older. Then my sister introduced my to anime, and it was all over.
That didn't really answer my question...
Well, lets see, in fifth grade I was nine... I was seventeen when I was a high school senior and discovered anime... I graduated college at twenty-one in 1999... So yea, its been more than 20 years.
Shouldn't you be better by now?
Thanks. Really sweet. Well, I am not an artist by profession. It is a hobby. I am a mathematican and biologist by trade, so I don't have as much time as I would like to practice and improve.
Will you draw something for me?
Sure. Check Sales for pricing and availability.
Can I contact you?
Sure. You can email me at I usually will write back, maybe not quickly, but eventually.