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Gift Art

not much here, but i'm just so happy i got any at all!

click on the thumbnail for the full image.

a darling pic of Aya from Weiss Kreuz, given to me by SW.

a lovely drawing given to me by Alice.

the backside of a rather effeminate princeling, given to me by my good friend Santineao. she thought i needed another bishie guy. i tend to agree. one can never have enough bishonens.

Akiko, my comiku co-webmistress, did this darling cat-boy to wish me well surviving the end of my final full semester at grad school.

this is a giftart for my shonen-ai vampire story, Eien no Momento. this is from the first chapter, and was drawn by the marvalous Santineao

another giftart by Santineao for Eien no Momento. this scene with Dracula takes place in part 6, and is one of my favorites. Santineao agreed.

another by Santineao, this time not of my characters, but of me! (well, a rather stylized version of me.) i'm looking quite the sexy librarian in this pic, i think. for some reason she doesn't think i'm innocent anymore. (hides Eien no Momento from view.) i'm perfectly innocent. >:]

oooo! a beautiful Gackt giftart from the very talented Saori-san!

I celebrated my 2006 birthday at Katsucon. 'Majik' decided what I needed for was "just a little yaoi" ;)