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Anime Music Videos

This page contains the music videos I have edited using clips from various anime. Not much here yet, which shouldn't be too surprising in that it took my five years to actually finish the first one.


It's not Easy (to be the cursed incarnation of a fallen angel)

Video: Angel Sanctuary
Song: Superman (it's not Easy)
Artist: Five for Fighting
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Comments: My first (and hopefully not last) music video. It took about 5 years to do. I made it first through the Windows Movie Maker, and got a decent, but not great version. Then about 2/3 years ago, i got Adobe Premiere (drools) and set about totally redoing the video in premiere. But Premiere has such a steep learning curve! I'm a total novice with Premiere, which i'm sure is obvious in the video!
I felt this song fit very well for the character of Setsuna, capturing his reluctance to be more than a regular human and how difficult his life is because he is more than human.
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